Google is phasing out cookies.

Will you be ready when the clock reaches 0?  


BritePool generates new, high-CPM ad revenues for web publishers.

By recognizing the BritePool ID's in browsers for anonymous visitors to sites, transforming them into recipients of high-value targeted ads in programmatic buys.

New high-CPM ad revenues!

By creating new BritePool ID's for logged-in visitors to sites.

New high-CPM ad revenues!

Plus, BritePool pays web publishers 50% of the revenues we generate from BritePool ID's created from each publisher's matched identities.

50% revenue share!

Only BritePool generates significant new ad revenues for web publishers from anonymous visitors, logged-in visitors, and matched identities.


Leading web publishers are working with BritePool...

Here's why...
Google, Facebook, and Amazon now capture 70%+ of all digital advertising because they know the identities of their visitors...
...a capability web publishers could not offer until now.
Identity is critical for driving advertising effectiveness, more relevant ads for consumers, and higher CPM's.
Publishers win with BritePool.
  • With superior identity-level diagnostics, enabling advertisers to frequency cap, accurately attribute ad delivery, and optimize ad spending in new ways.

  • BritePool brings new high-CPM advertisers to publishers by Creating “Google level” identities without third-party cookies.
Publishers participate at no cost. Set-up is quick and easy to install.

BritePool provides superior diagnostics...

No more opaque reporting.

Delivery of every ad is verified at Google-level of identity.

Providing campaigns with frequency caps, reach and accurate measurement of effectiveness for each targeted individual. 

Enabling, for the first time, advertisers to optimize their ad spending for each targeted individual.

BritePool: The web publisher's new source of competitive strength.

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